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LOFF is a nonprofitable organization focused on causing a positive impact in society through different programs and initiatives, especially targeting the younger generations.​


To fulfill our purpose, we partner with public and private entities, events and organizations.  


Our mission:  


To leave only friends and footprints behind. With an environmental concern We believe in taking action to make a positive difference. Tomorrow's results start with the actions taken today, particularly when referring to kids.

We do this through different programs that target kids and the environment. 

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Partner Events - Official Charity Partner

You can support us in various ways. From having us as your event charity partner developing specific programs to support kids, the environment, or others, by simply donating or by joining us and helping in further development to the pursue of our purpose. Send us a message in contacts and let us know how you would like to get involved.



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Sports - Tennis Shoes 4all Kids. 

This program aims to donate tennis shoes to under privileged kids wherever we partner with other initiatives, this may be done directly by LOOF or through partner NGOs. 

Why tennis shoes?

Running is the most democratic and unfordable sport / health activity anywhere in the world. We see sports having a major role in the upbringing of young kids, as important as any academic discipline. 

Sports teachs soft skills and core values, such as but not limited to, teamwork, discipline and methodology, confidence and self-esteem, sense of belonging and unparallel, lifelong friendships. 

By donating running tennis shoes, we hope to encourage youngsters to engage in regular practice bringing healthy lifestyle habits since a young age. 

Our moto is “we leave no one behind”

Image by Craig Pattenaude
Environmental Responsibility
Only Footprints

Consists in taking action in the context of an event or initiative the association is involved in. The purpose is to find and apply ways of reducing the impact on the environment. Different initiatives can be proposed depending on the context. 



Designation: LOFF – Leave Only Friends and Footprints – Association

Tax ID Number: 515 154 644

IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0044 1656 6182 3




LOFF – Leave Only Friends and Footprints – Association


Tel: +351 963 855 805


Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira, 4 / Lab. B1

1600-312 Lisbon, Portugal


Registered on: November 12, 2018

CAE 94995

DUNS: 449 316 675

Tax ID Number: 515 154 644​

SS: 251 515 464 46


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