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Our Planet is our home, wherever we go, we 
Leave Only Friends and Footprints. 



LOFF is a nonprofitable organization focused on causing a positive impact in society through different programs and initiatives, mostly associated with s ports events, e specially targeting the impact on the environment, e quality, inclusion, equal opportunities, and younger generations projects.


To fulfil our purpose , we partner with public and private entities , e vents and organizations, and organize our own events and initiatives .


Our mission:


To leave only friends and footprints b e hind . With the believe that “ any drop in the o c e a n counts ”, weta k e words into projects , and projects into a c t ion, to ma k e a positive difference .


Tomorrow’s  results start with the actions taken today.

crianças a brincar


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Everyone is an Athlete
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Save water
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Eliminate one-use plastics





There is less than 2% drinkable water on our planet. Some tribes in Africa need to walk, daily, an average of more than 5 km just to have access to drinkable water.


Large sports events are responsible for major water waist. This is due to the hydration system put in place, in witch, athletes grab a plastic water bottle or plastic cup and drink less than 50% to just throw the rest away.


On average, a 50.000 participants marathon, will waist about 5 litters p/ participant, in total, potentially 250.000 litters of drinkable water (numbers: each participant drinks every 15 min half of a 500 ml bottle, waiting the rest. On a 4 hours marathon, that is 16 times picking up a 500 ml bottle). 

On average, a person requires a minimum of 20 litters of water per day for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene. However, in many areas with limited access to clean water, people often have to make it with significantly less.

Assuming a daily water consumption of 20 litters per person, we can calculate an estimate of the number of people that can be served with 250,000 litters of water: 250,000 litters / 20 litters per person = 12,500 people





Typically plastics in water bottles and plastic cups used in hydration in sports events, contain health hazard chemicals that have negative impacts on our health on different levels, such as, the immune system. 


It takes about 1.000 years for a plastic bag to degrade, but even then, not completely, becoming micro-plastics that absorbed toxins and keep polluting the environment. 


Just in 2018, over 1.9 million of supermarkets plastic bags were collected from our coasts. Large sports events are responsible for huge amounts of plastic trash being generated, in the same numbers and proportion as the water waist at these events, sometimes, higher.



LOFF works with organisations to assist and guide on setting up a program aiming to reduce and if possible eliminate completely water waist and the one-day use plastics. 



One of the programs consists on implementing, with the local water companies, special fountains along the event course and the use of reusable silicone cups participants receive as a gift at the events.


To stop refuel a silicone cup and drink, takes on average, 5 seconds. If a participant hydrates 10 times on a race, he or she will have lost less than a minute, resulting in tremendous positive impact on the environment. The system is the same for everyone, putting participants with the same competition conditions and not affecting their results over the others.


Take a 5 seconds break and make a life time impact on the environment.


This program targets promoting inclusion, equality and opportunity.  


In partnership with the IronBrothers we challenge athletes in mass participation events, such as, triathlons, marathons, cycling or swimming events, to do the event with an impaired mobility or no mobility at all athlete. 




Interested athletes  get in touch with us to voluntary to team up and pull an athlete in a small rubber boat for the swim, push a wheelchair for the bike and run courses / events.  


LOFF connects volunteers with a partner event to workout the logistics and match them with the impaired athlete. 


The fee of registration goes directly to the IronBrothers program to acquire new equipment to race themselves and to support others that want to join the program and give an impaired athlete, and themselves, an experience of a life-time. 


This program can be done individually or in a team, alternating the support with the impaired athlete.


Racing with a purpose!



LOFF is the official LRH (Local Rights Holder) for TRITON Portugal events and trough its Portugal stages, implemented it's CSR program as follows:

1.  Environment 

LOFF implemented water stations along the racecourse , in partners hip with the ci ty water company, to promote drinking ta p water and eliminating water waste.


This was achieved by introducing reusable silicone cups at the water stations instead of one-use plastics .

2. Social responsibility


Project Wings – Everyone is an Athlete . Challenging Athletes to share their race experience with physical impaired athletes , teaming up to push and pull them on their wheel chair the entire racecourse . This project can be done as a team relay.




Designation: LOFF – Leave Only Friends and Footprints – Association

Tax ID Number: 515 154 644

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 6071 9410 0011 5 



Partner Events - Official Charity Partner

You can support us in various ways, from having us as your event charity partner, assisting in developing and implementing different programs, focused on our pillars, social responsibility, environmental responsibility, education, in best practices and actions to take, by taking partner in discussion panels, seminars, speaking at your event in these areas an themes, by simply donating or by joining us to further develop of our purpose and mission.


Send us a message in contacts and let us know how you would like to get involved.



LOFF – Leave Only Friends and Footprints – Association


Tel: +351 963 855 805 - Email:

Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira, 4 / Lab. B1 II 1600 -312 Lisbon, Portugal


Registered on: November 12, 2018 . CAE 94995 - DUNS: 449 316 675

Tax ID Number: 515 154 644​ - SS: 251 515 464 46

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